What we do for Providers

The Provider Services Staff at Child Care Connections provides direct services to family and group child care providers, child care centers, Legally Certified Providers (LCPs) and Legally Certified In-Home Providers (LCIs).  We are committed to high quality child care and strive to meet the needs of all child care providers by offering the following individualized services:

-Professional development opportunities

-Onsite training and coaching

-Technical assistance

-Child Nutrition Program (CACFP)

-Special Needs Subsidy program

-Assistance to new and prospective family/group child care providers

-Ongoing support for participants in the Best Beginnings STARS to Quality program


Provider Trainings

Child Care Connections offers child care providers and early care professionals an assortment of trainings and workshops throughout the year.

Provider Trainings

2018 Spring Conference

List of Training October 2017-March 2018 (Bozeman)

Training Policies & Procedures- Revised 7.5.2017

New Teacher Orientation

Montana High School Equivalency Assessment


To register for these classes please contact Tammy Christofferson (Bozeman classes) at 587-7786 ext. 111 or Brandi Thomas (Helena classes) at 587-7786 ext. 150. Fee: $45 is paid to the instructor on the day of the training.

In Bozeman we have changed to offering this course every other month. On the off months we will be listing Jolt CPR's class schedule. Fee: $115 These courses are held at The Commons (West of Bozeman @ Baxter & Love Lanes). Please click here to register.


August 9th 9:00- 12:00 p.m. (CCC)
September 25th 4:45-9:30 (Jolt CPR)
October 10th 6-9:30pm (CCC)
October 30th 4:45-9:30 (Jolt CPR)
December 6th 6-9:30pm (CCC)

December 4th 4:45-9:30 (Jolt CPR)
January 8th (Jolt CPR)
February 13th 6-9:30 (CCC)
March 8th (Jolt CPR)


July 19th 6-9:30
August 9th 9-12:30
September 13th 6-9:30 
October 11th 9-12:30
November 8th 6-9:30
December 13th 9-12:30
January 10th 6-9:30
February 14th 9-12:30
March 14th 6-9:30
April 11th 9-12:30
May 9th 6-9:30
June 13th 9-12:30
July 11th 6-9:30
August 8th 
September 12th

Child Care Connections offers child care providers (and early care professionals) an assortment of trainings and workshops throughout the year. Research has shown that the amount of training an early care professional receives has a direct and immediate effect on the quality of the program. For this reason, the State of Montana requires that all early care educators receive at least 8 hours of on-going training annually.

Child Care Connections distributes a provider survey every year from which they determine the level of interest in various topics. Each topic falls into one of the 11 core areas of the early care knowledge base. These core areas are:

  • Health, Safety and Nutrition
  • Child Growth and Development
  • Child Guidance
  • Environmental Design
  • Curriculum
  • Family and Community Partnerships
  • Program Management
  • Observation and Assessment
  • Professionalism
  • Cultural and Developmental Diversity
  • Personal Attributes
Online Trainings

www.childcaretraining.org offers an array of early childhood courses that can be completed anytime, anywhere with guaranteed grading in three business days.

Statewide training calendar www.mtecp.org/registry/