Looking for child care?

You can get a list of child care providers in 3 different ways:

1. Create your own online account to access your referrals 24 hours a day. This service offers the ability to obtain immediate results by creating a client profile and pulling providers from our database based on your wants and needs. If you experience any technical difficulties or have any questions with this service, please contact a referral specialist at your local CCR&R.. 

2. For Region 4, complete the Child Care Needs Form. This information is transmitted to a Child Care Connections referral specialist and processed within 2 business days depending on current referral volume and the specific requirements you list. For an immediate listing, you can Create an Online Account to access provider information 24 hours per day.

Here are some tips when completing the form.

  • The more complete the information, the better we can search for providers that match your requested needs.
  • Information about employment, child care assistance, and demographics is strictly for statistical purposes.
  • Children’s birthdays are needed because of regulations that determine adult to child ratios.

Below are brief descriptions of the different types of child cares.  All are required to be registered/licensed with Montana unless otherwise specified.

  • Family Child Care Homes offer a home-like atmosphere with a ratio of one caregiver to a maximum of six children including the provider’s own under the age of six.
  • Group Child Care Homes are settings where two adults provide care for a maximum of 12 children including the provider’s own under the age of six. Care is often provided in a private home.
  • Child Care Centers care for 13 or more children with hours that normally coincide with regular working hours.
  • Preschools are part-day programs and are not regulated in Montana.
  • Drop-in Child Cares are not regulated by Montana because the care provided is usually irregular and for shorter periods of time.

3.  For Region 4, call Child Care Connections at 406.587.7786 or 800.962.0418 (for other regions, call your local CCR&R) to complete the information over the phone with a referral specialist. This process can take up to 10 minutes to obtain all of your information and the referral will be processed and delivered within 1-5 business days depending on current referral volume and the specific requirements  you list.

AWARE Early Head Start

We have a new Early Head Start site in Bozeman and are taking applications for children 0-3.  Located on the campus of Hope Lutheran Church. For more information, call 406-587-1181.  Clike HERE to apply now! For more information, click here.

Child Care Needs Form Create Online Account


How to Choose Quality Child Care

If you do not live in the Bozeman/Helena (Region 4) area, look below for contact information to your local CCR&R:

Region 1: The Nurturing Center  406.756.1414, 800.204.0644 Fax:406.756.1410 
Region 2: Child Care Resources  406.728.6446, 800.728.6446 Fax: 406.549.1189 
Region 3: Butte 4 C’s  406.723.4019, 800.794.4061 Fax:406.723.6982 
Region 4: Child Care Connections 406.587.7786, 800.962.0418 Fax:406.587.682  
Region 5: FamilyConnections 406.761.6010, 800.696.4503 Fax:406.453.8976  
Region 6: Family Connections  406.265.6743, 800.640.6743 Fax:406.265.1312 
Region 7: HRDC District 7 406.247.4732, 800.443.1411 Fax:406.248.2943